Meet Davi, the new co-owner of Caminhos Bikes & Tours. His journey is nothing short of inspirational. Starting from his early days at the Casa do Caminho orphanage, Davi has grown into a role model and leader in our community. His path has been paved with challenges, but also with countless achievements, thanks to his unyielding spirit and determination.

After an eye-opening year in the Netherlands, supported by Caminhos, Davi came back with a fresh outlook and a strong desire to contribute positively to the world around him. He spent the next eight years at Caminhos Language Centre, where he worked as an activities coordinator. This role had him organizing everything from bike tours to soccer matches, hikes, and even capoeira sessions. Through this, Davi not only showcased the beauty and culture of Rio to countless individuals but also honed his skills in bringing people together, making every experience memorable.

Now, as he steps into his role at Caminhos Bikes & Tours, Davi brings with him not just his expertise in creating and leading adventures but also a deeply personal connection to the mission and values of Caminhos. His story is a powerful example of how dedication, supported by a community that believes in you, can turn dreams into reality.

As a guide in Rio de Janeiro and now a co-owner, Davi is set to make your experience with Caminhos Bikes & Tours unforgettable. He doesn’t just know the trails and stories of Rio; he’s lived them. His journey from the orphanage to the he

art of Caminhos shows everyone that with hard work and support, it’s possible to rise above and achieve greatness.

Come join us on an adventure with Davi. It’s not just about seeing the sights; it’s about connecting with the soul of Rio and understanding the journey of an incredible individual who represents the essence of what we do at Caminhos. Welcome to the family, Davi! Your past, your dedication, and your vision inspire us all.