Since 2009, Caminhos has successfully unified education, social action, sustainability, and enjoyment through social entrepreneurship, blending Caminhos Language Centre’s immersive learning, Mais Caminhos’ empowering initiatives, EcoCaminhos’ eco-friendly practices, and the explorative spirit of Caminhos Bikes and Tours

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Language Centre

Immerse yourself in Brazilian culture while learning Portuguese at Caminhos Language Centre. Our dynamic methods and social activities ensure fast, fun learning in Rio de Janeiro's vibrant heart.

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Eco Caminhos

Discover sustainable living at EcoCaminhos in Brazil's breathtaking mountains. Our eco-farm blends organic farming, renewable energy, and eco-construction projects, offering hands-on experiences in nature's harmony.

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Mais Caminhos

Mais Caminhos drives social change by empowering Rio's underprivileged youth with the help of volunteers. Through education, cultural activities, and supportive community, we build paths to brighter futures, fostering resilience

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Bikes & Tours

Experience Rio de Janeiro's stunning landscapes up close with Caminhos Bikes and Tours. Our guided cycling tours unveil the city's hidden gems, blending adventure with cultural insights for an unforgettable journey