Personalized Services with Caminhos

At Caminhos, we specialize in personalized trips that serve a wide range of customers. We have organized tours & services for families, embassies, NGOs, universities, and many others. Whether you want your vacation full of adventures or relaxed with some cultural activities – we can do it all!

What makes us different is that we are more than just a tour company. Being a language school, social project and ecological farm in one entity enables our tours to offer you an experience that is not limited to common excursions only.


To plan your best trip or arrange a service for your organization, email or text us through WhatsApp.


Share with us what exactly you are interested in and we will reach out to discuss how can our service be adjusted according to your preferences


Feel the Caminhos experience – caring for every single step.


  • NGO’s
  • Businesses
  • Universities
  • Embassies
  • Families
  • Schools
  • Tourists
  • Research Institutions
  • Student Organizations